Some projects I have worked on


Artist: Planet Perfecto Knights
Project: ResuRection (Maurice West Remix)
Work: Hardware mixing & mastering (Supported by Armin van Buuren)

Artist: Duncan Laurence
Project: Arcade (Charly Lownoise remix)
Work: Co-production + hardware mix & Mastering

Artist: Mark Norman
Project: Phantom Manor (Roy Samui remix)
Work: Hardware Master

Artist: De Kraaien
Project: Oh oh Den Haag
Work: Production / Mastering

Artist: De Kraaien
Project: Scheveningen
Work: Production, vocal processing 
and mastering

Artist: Outsiders & De Kraaien
Project: 1 Team
Work: Vocal processing & Hardware Master

Artist: Special Krew
Project: Free
Work: Mastering

Artist: Adam Brown
Project: Rule The Lands
Work: Co-production & Hardware Master

Artist: Arzadous
Project: Paralyzed
Work: Mixing / Mastering

Artist: Rogue Zero & MC Sarge
Project: Welcome To The Future
Work: Mastering

Artist: Jebroer & Outsiders
Project: Flitsmeister
Work: Mixing Vocal processing & Mastering


Artist: QAPITAL 2019 | Regain & Rooler
Project: Bust Ya Head
Work: Software Master

Artist: Adam Brown
Project: Never let you go
Work: Co-production / mixing / mastering

Artist: Special Krew, Gekkenhuys, Otto Wunderbar
Project: Partymedicijn
Work: Mastering

Artist: De Kraaien
Project: Pony (Charly Lownoise Remix)
Work: Remix Production

Artist: Special Krew
Project: Stop Loving You
Work: Mastering

Artist: Harris & Ford x Outsiders
Project: Irrenhaus
Work: Voice mixing & Mastering

Artist: Outsiders & Grupo Extra
Project: Me Emborrachare (Hardstyle Remix)
Work: Mastering

AVR Demo's

Artist: Andor van Reeven Music
Project: Your fate is sealed
Work: Complete demo

Artist: Andor van Reeven Music
Project: AVR Music Demo III Dance / Electropop
Work: Complete demo

Artist: Andor van Reeven Music
Project: AVR Music Synthwave demo
Work: Complete demo

And many more...