Price list

Music production: Please contact by E-mail or go to the contact page for a quotation.

Because music production is a dynamic process, there is no fixed price.

Mixing: € 49,59 per hour with a limit of 2 revisions.


Stereo Mastering: € 55,- per song with a limit of 2 revisions. Return time ± 2 workdays.


Production lessons: € 144,- per lesson block (1 lesson block consists of 2 hours).


Music coaching: € 144,- per session.


Extra costs

Additional Revisions Mastering

Extra revision: +€ 18,- per song


Additional Mixing Versions

Extra revision (mixing service): +€ 30,- per song


Additional Master Versions

Additional Mp3 Version(320 Kb/s) +€ 5,- per song

Additional 24-bitVersion (HD 24-bit 44.1kHz) +€ 10,- per song

Additional Streaming Master Version (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube) +€ 15,- per song

Additional Tape Master Version +10,-


Express costs:

Return time shorter than 2 workdays: +€ 15,- per song

all named prices are exclusive 21% VAT.

How to deliver your mix project?

For the best and fast result please deliver your stems at least in 44 kHz 24bit .wav or .AIF.

Also, label your instrument correctly so this will save me some time and you some money. 

The turnaround depends on the agreement made and the size of the project.

You can send your parts to

How to deliver your pre-master?

Additionally, for the best possible
masters, I recommend removing any pre-mastering processing such as limiting,
and keeping the highest peak-level of each song at -6dB or less.

Also your pre-master should be at least 44KHZ 24bit .wav or .AIF

My standard mastering service includes high-resolution Red Book Standard 

16-bit 44.1kHz WAV files unless otherwise discussed from the start.

For adding a reference track send this
also in .wav for optimum comparison.

You can send your pre-master to

Also check my video below.

Why Mixing?

Every song that has ever been published went through some kind of a mixing process. During this process, the goal is to balance dynamics, alter the taste of the sound and effects to give your listener an high breed of experience.

Our Service


Our service is made for everybody that want to get to the next level with their mix.

There is also a possibility to outsource the mixing stage of your productions to us so you can go produce your next song.

All processing happens digital or analog.

Working Together


Together with the client, we can mix the track in such a way that listening to it is not only an experience, but also along the process it can give a professional feel to it!

There for your track is for sure ready to be mastered with our mastering service to get the ultimate sonic experience.