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Music production

With 20 years of experience, Andor is very known in the music industry. From composing to mastering it is possible to offer a total solution. If you already have a song but you want a part of the service, that is possible. For example, your track is produced but it is missing some extra excitement or instruments are lagging presence you can take the mixing service. Another example, you wrote a lyric but want to record the vocal or instrument you can take the recording option. Even further on next to that recording it is possible to take the option for engineering the recording as well. For other services please go to the contact page and leave a message.


After a whole process of recording, arranging, and mixing, mastering is the last step in the chain. This step get’s sometimes overlooked by doing a mastering yourself or not at all. This could be a problem later on in a release stage. By letting your track mastered your song will not only feel more professional but also a extra set of ears could spot some problems that you probably where not aware of or simple missed because of a lost of subjectivity. In this case the master engineer could return with some advice to improve the project or song in the pre-mastering stage. 

My service offers a few options: Stereo mastering, Stem mastering and retro mastering.

Stereo mastering is the most common type of mastering in which the client delivers his project in one stem. Sometimes especially  in dance music the client can send 2 separate stems like 1 stem with a kick and the other stem with the rest of the song without the kick.

Stem-mastering is a form of mastering in which the client provide the engineer multiple stems  to control certain elements (warning this is not a mixing sevice)! The engineer can control some of the regions to get the best out of a pre-master or give it more dimension and space between the elements.

Retro-mastering this is a form of mastering where your mastering will get colored. The coloration can be a special analog gear which manipulate some region or all the regions in the EQ spectrum. In this stage the engineer keeps in close contact with the client to get the project to a good result.



Why Mixing?

Every song that has ever been published went through some kind of a mixing process. During this process, the goal is to balance dynamics, alter the taste of the sound and effects to give your listener an high breed of experience.

Our Service


Our service is made for everybody that want to get to the next level with their mix.

There is also a possibility to outsource the mixing stage of your productions to us so you can go produce your next song.

All processing happens digital or analog.

Working Together


Together with the client, we can mix the track in such a way that listening to it is not only an experience, but also along the process it can give a professional feel to it!

There for your track is for sure ready to be mastered with our mastering service to get the ultimate sonic experience.