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Andor van Reeven Music audio Mixing

Mixing down at studio level

Andor van Reeven Music offers a professional stereo mix solution for your music production. Our engineer understands the customer’s needs and will think along in all cases.

Mixing is done in The studio of Andor van Reeven Music, unless otherwise agreed. Call-out charges are charged within the Netherlands (see price list). Outside the Netherlands it is possible to make an online appointment (via Skype, Teams or Zoom) 
unless otherwise discussed. The mixing will start after receipt of the starting amount.

For the best and quickest result, I recommend that you label all stems in advance with the correct name. This is to avoid research that is included in the hourly rate.
The stems must be submitted in the following format:
44KHZ 24 bit Wav file.

Returntime: ± 2 – 4 working day’s

Price rate mixing service

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Why mixing your track is important

Music mixing is one of the most fundamental parts of building an arrangement. This makes listening back very pleasant and for the DJ it also makes mixing enjoyable during performance when they are playing quality songs. Since there are hundreds and maybe thousands of a mixing tutorial, mixing instruments remains a personal thing. 

Since many producers spend a lot of time telling the musical story, or starting producers are often not in rooms that have sound treatment and or have faulty monitors without knowing, the art of mixing is then also very much overlooked or assuming that “everything will be fixt in the masteringsession” whereby at the end of the day the master engineer is blamed for the mix sounding bad.

For starting producers there are many music mixer apps that help, but are often too technical with the mix to translate the feeling of the producer.
Most hit recordings are mixed again for the second time after production before it is going to the master engineer. 
This second time mixing by a other producer / engineer helps
to approach a mix objectively that you can lose during the production process
because you hear the song too much and get used to “mistakes” too quickly.

Since mixing is a mostly personal thing, our mixing service offers a personal and committed policy to keep the customer in control or/and amaze what else can be obtained from the mix.