Andor van Reeven Music Mastering

your Music deserves the detail it needs

Andor van Reeven Music offers a professional mastering service located in Voorburg near The Hague, Netherlands.
We provide high-end quality mastering services to local and remote artists.

With a lot of experience in the field, our work has reached many major labels such as Armada music, Scantraxx, Gearbox digital, roq’nrolla…. and the list goes on. Our studio is tuned to get the right detail out of your track without it sounding squashed.

Stereo Mastering:
One of the most popular form of mastering. Often used to keep the mix intact as much as possible, even if it is sent out as loudly as possible.
Stem Mastering:

In stem mastering, one or more tracks can be suggested if you are not sure about one or more elements in a mix. Please note, this only means that the volume is being looked at! Additional effects or coloring stems is seen as mixing and different rates are charged (see Music Mixing).

In what format can I deliver my premaster or Stems?

The best format to deliver your premaster and/or stems is in wav 44kHZ 24bit / -6 dB peak.

When can I expect a return?

Returntime: ± 2 – 4 working day’s

Price rate Mastering service

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Why mastering is important?

Mastering is often overlooked as it is the most important step to get your song published worldwide. Mastering makes the difference in overall finishing in the small details before it gets the “commercial” loudness.