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Andor van Reeven Music has the total solution for your music production with regard to (additional) production, mixing, mastering or learning to produce. Some of his work have been certified platinum or gold.

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What the clients say?

Andor has provided the mastering of all my releases and always delivers my desired result. From the start Andor always tries to find out the needs For a track in combination with consolation. I feel that Andor takes enough time and doesn't want to deliver half a job. So don't just grab a preset and you're done;) What I also like is the way of communication. Andor is open to feedback and is easy to reach. All in all I am very satisfied. I always choose the option for a hardware mastering. My tracks sound nice and full and open.

Rogue zero scantraxx
Rogue Zero
DJ/Producer - Scantraxx
Everything I deliver to Andor comes back flawlessly and rock hard! Everything we worked on together has become a hit, so it's great!

Rebl Records
DJ/Producer - Reble records / Roq'nRolla
Andor is a Master in Mastering! He knows how to find a balance between today's top-volume productions and beautiful dynamics.

Chrly Lownoise
Charly Lownoise
DJ/Producer - Maximum records / Panic records / Simple Symphonys / Hardcopy Records / Derailed Traxx
mastering quality is awesome I really recommend Andor
Roy de Best
Roy de Best
I have now been working with Andor van Reeven for about two years. His mastering took my tracks to a higher level. In addition, I have taken production classes, he has had an advisory role in building my studio and we regularly work together on tracks. As a result, I have grown rapidly in a relatively short period of time in the field of music. Very grateful and looking forward to the future!
Special Krew
Special Krew
Super service en kwaliteit! De afgelopen jaren hebben wij veel muziek door Andor laten masteren met telkens een verbluffend resultaat! Andor knalt niet zomaar je track door de master maar geeft feedback en verbeterpunten om het beste eindresultaat te behalen.
One Piece A Day
One Piece A Day
Andor is niet alleen een goede, professionele mixer & masteraar, maar denkt bovendien écht goed mee met de sound-wensen van de cliënt c.q. producer. En er is veel mogelijk, zoals bij mijn track bijvoorbeeld het enhancen middels een echt 70s tapedeck (Revox) om zodoende een 70s sound te creëren. Ook kun je zelf les bij hem nemen in edited/producen/ mixing & mastering. Kortom: with Andor it feels like entering the next level.
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Andor Van Reeven Music specializes in various electronic music styles, including house, synthwave and harder styles.

His experience goes back more than 20 years. The services are treated with a personal touch…….

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